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About Animal Eat Drum

What We’re All About

Animal Eat Drum is a content creation studio specializing in original, limited-run, fiction podcasts. Our shows are rooted in immersive audio storytelling and inhabit the creative space between cinema, theatre and high-end concept albums. Our current productions include the award-winning #horror #thriller #podcasts: Priced to Sell and Outgrowth.


Both tales of twisted terror that ask the audience to consider what would happen if Mother Nature turned on us? Not in the form of cataclysmic eruptions and massive tidal waves… but quietly. Almost invisibly. In the form of fungal spores controlled by an intelligence far older than our own.


Stay tuned in 2023 as we roll out another tale of terror crafted near... The 45th Parallel.


Katrina Salicrup

Creative Director @ Animal Eat Drum

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