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We are Animal Eat Drum

Podcast Creators Extraordinaire!

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Creating a Fresh Perspective on Fiction Podcasts

Animal Eat Drum is a content creation studio specializing in original, limited-run, fiction podcasts. Our shows are rooted in immersive audio storytelling and inhabit the creative space between cinema, theatre and high-end concept albums. Our current productions include the award-winning #horror #thriller #podcasts: Priced to Sell and Outgrowth.


Both tales of twisted terror that ask the audience to consider what would happen if Mother Nature turned on us? Not in the form of cataclysmic eruptions and massive tidal waves… but quietly. Almost invisibly. In the form of fungal spores controlled by an intelligence far older than our own.


Stay tuned in 2023 as we roll out another tale of terror crafted near... The 45th Parallel.


Katrina Salicrup

Creative Director @ Animal Eat Drum

Hot Off the Press

Our Latest and Greatest

Festival Selections & Awards (2022)

Animal Eat Drum's latest foray into horror,

OUTGROWTH, is a favorite at these

2022 Web and Film Festivals!

:: Awards ::

Best Podcast (Drama) - Los Angeles Web Fest

Semi Finalist (Horror) - MAGMA Film Fest

:: Nominations ::

O/S Horror Podcast - Minnesota Web Fest

O/S Fiction Podcast - Rio Web Fest

(O/S - Outstanding)

:: Official Selections ::

New Zealand Web Fest

Apulia Web Fest (Italy)


Outgrowth Featured on Pocket Casts

Animal Eat Drum's latest fiction podcast, Outgrowth, is featured on Pocket Casts 20Under20 Fresh List! Enjoy our show in bite sized morsels and sample a few other audio treats while you're there ;)


Creative collaborations are at the heart of every Animal Eat Drum production. We strive to bring together a wide variety of talented actors and musicians from across the nation and invite you to learn more about some of our principal collaborators below.


Katrina Salicrup

Writer, Producer, Editor

Writer/Producer/Editor, Katrina Salicrup, fuses influences of the strange and unusual variety to craft Animal Eat Drum's unique brand of immersive audio storytelling. As the founding member and Creative Director of Animal Eat Drum she's on a quest to explore strange new worlds, to seek out seek new stories and pen epic adventures. To boldly go where no mom has gone before.


Michael Cavinder

Director, Actor, Musician

Director/Actor/Musician, Michael Cavinder, delivers an impressive one-two punch as both Director and Leading Man in Animal Eat Drum's latest audio thrill ride, "Outgrowth." Michael has lent us his skills as a performer, director and creator of all things entertaining on several projects and we're honored to call him a featured collaborator.


We Are Parasols

Musical Directors, Composers, Performers

We Are Parasols blend genres and styles like industrial, metal, choral, hip-hop, and pop, with their electronic wall of sound to create a sonic tapestry that makes it difficult to easily clarify or label the band. Their masterful use of immersive soundscapes and multi-layered audio were an all too natural fit for the fiction podcast space and I (your friendly neighborhood spinner of macabre tales) was beyond thrilled to collaborate with them on both "Priced to Sell" and "Outgrowth."


For more information contact us:

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